Why we LOVE Autumn ❤

❣ Breeze weather

❣Warm tea, cocoa or coffee

❣Yummy autumn-sweet scented candles

❣Carving pumpkins



❣Cozy sweaters

❣Movie nights at home

❣Warm kisses

❣Faux leather clothing pieces

❣Long cool walks in the park

❣Walking over leaves to hear the crunching


❣Colorful leaves everywhere

❣Warm apple & pumpkin pie

❣ Big scarves

❣Reading a book with a warm drink

❣Warm Thanksgiving dinner

❣Cozy socks

❣Crazy Halloween costume parties!

❣Knee-high boots

❣Big cozy coats

❣Rainy nights

❣Candy corn sweets

❣Eskimo kisses

❣Redheads’ season

❣The smell of cinnamon, clove & ginger

❣Trendy hats

❣No sweating

❣Warm home-made soup

❣Baking cookies

❣Plaid clothing pieces


❣Warm blankets

❣Falling in love

We are  so sorry for leaving our blog unattended for a few months u_u

We love you guys🙂

Carmina B. & MariJo





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