1, 2, step! Sandals to rock this summer!

The temperature is raising, summer’s here! So here’s my favorites for this summer sandals! Let your feet breath!

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1. Beads & Gems: This trend comes during this season again!

2. Metallic “Hercules” Sandals: Just dont forget to use them to cover just your feet not most of your legs to your knee!

3. Colorific: Sandals in bright shiny colors are IN. Try to mix all the colors you want. Remember: the sandal can be different color from the clothes you’re wearing!! Dare to be unique! 🙂

4. Flatforms: I’m still trying to accept this trend, cause I don’t know how it reminds me to the movie Stigmata (the main actress wore this kind of shoes with socks! :O )

5. Platforms: Don’t forget to buy at least a pair for this season! You can rock them out with jeans, skirts, shorts, short-shorts or capris.

Which ones are you planning of using this summer?



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